True education empowers both the intellectual and the moral power of a human being...
— Calvin Coolidge, 1924 'Needs Of Education'

A New Option


Calvin Coolidge said that true education "empowers the intellectual and the moral power of a human being" (Needs of Education, 1924). He then went so far as to say that efforts focused solely on intellectual development alone cannot be met with success.

Coolidge Academy is a 501(c)3 Lancaster-based nonprofit that provides practical career education through apprenticeship, as well as character and moral development classes, that opens doors to careers.

A Fresh Start

Whether you are lost your job after 25 years, are a young father whose past continually prevents you from pursuing a fulfilling career, or are an emerging high school student who can't justify the cost of four years at college, Coolidge Academy offers a new option.  A pathway to a meaningful career through apprenticeship.

It's not about what you know or who you know... it's about who knows you and likes you!  Coolidge Academy is about relationships.  We will partner with students of all ages to help them get the job they need.

Students excelling in their pursuit of a Coolidge Academy Certificate are placed in an apprenticeship that can open the door to real, marketable employment.