Lower risk entry-level employees

Hiring and Firing Costs Too Much

We spent the last three years researching costs and trends in local hiring and firing for entry level jobs.

You already know what we found: entry level employees tend to be costly to train, even if they arrived with a degree or certificate.  They also tend to quit on a whim.

We have a solution. If you are a company who can benefit from digital marketing and web design services (adding to your website, keeping your social platforms up to date with projects and consumer tips, keeping in touch with customers via email), or you are an agency who needs quality entry level account managers and project managers - then you want a Coolidge graduate.

Annual % of employees who quit

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

Annual Cost of Turnover ($ Thousands)

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tried and Tested

Your business can be a site where a student in our Certification Program can be placed for a 50-60 hour placement. They will have spent 4-6 months being apprenticed in the Coolidge Academy by industry experts, mentors, and personal branding workshops.

We will only place students with companies that are the right fit for them, as determined through interviews and your stated needs and opportunities.

In a 50-60 hour placement, you are responsible to pay them an hourly wage of $10/hr or more as a sub-contractor for their project work.

Upon completion of their Certification Program, they are available for hire if you feel you have capacity and a need. you are under no obligation to hire them, but hopefully in the Placement experience, you will be able to help them identify their own gifts and talents and point them in a good next-step direction. 


During a 50-60 hour paid placement at your business, a Coolidge Academy student could:

  • Setup and run a Social Media campaign
  • Develop a newsletter campaign for your customers
  • Create a lead-magnet page or campaign for Google 
  • Write a series of blog articles on a service area of expertise for distribution throughout the year
  • Optimize your web pages with title tags, meta-data and descriptions 

We can help you develop more ideas as you identify needs.

After Coolidge

Coolidge Academy graduates are available to hire as employees or sub-contractors for your business. Having real-world experience in curated and customized programs designed for Digital Marketing and/or Web Design entry level employees makes them more qualified than many 2 and 4-yr college graduates. If you own an agency, you know how things like pace of work, company culture, and clientele can impact whether or not your hire is 'the right fit.'

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