The Problem

Business Risk & Low Returns

If you run a business, you know the true cost of turnover. Lost time, expenses, re-training, interviews etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you are wasting (on average) $6,000 in hire/fire/re-hire costs each year. Whether you don't have work to sustain employees over slow times, or they choose to quit, turnover hurts your business.

What if there was a solution?

Entry-level employees tend to be high risk - and average salaries are typically around $15/hr (or $30,000 per year).

What if there was a way to support the vetting of entry level employees that would minimize your risk in hiring, increase the chances of their long term success, and help grow your business and your impact in your community?

No clear pathways

You may have a past that no employer wants to deal with.  You may not have a college degree they say you "need".  You might just be tired and ready for a new career.  

  • But how do you develop your talents without incurring insane debt?
  •  Is it really true that you can discover a career that pays you more than minimum wage?
  • Even if you wanted to develop a new skill, explore a passion, or change careers - where do you start?

Annual Cost of Turnover

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

Annual % of employees who quit

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Solution


Coolidge Academy allows you to hire employees who have developed their talent, understand their purpose, are being actively mentored and accountable -- thus decreasing your risk and increasing the odds of success.

If you invest 10k in Coolidge Academy, we will invest 6 months and $4k in developing a student through our courses and process before bringing them to your company.  Then we will pay them $12.50/hour to work 20 hours a week at your company (for 6 months) to learn your processes.  Their agreement is to then work for 2/3 of a typical entry-level wage in Year 2 -- thus saving you money, yet also dramatically increasing their own earning potential compared to minimum wage jobs.  

Over the course of 2 years, you actually both save $2k, and gain an apprenticed employee who is on their way to a long and successful career with your company.


It's not about what you know or who you know... it's about who knows you and likes you!  Coolidge Academy is about relationships.  We will partner with you to help them get the job they need.

Coolidge Academy Success

Projected, based on first 10 students